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What is a domain name?

A domain name is the link (URL) typed into an Internet browser to lead visitors to your website. The name is registered to its owner for a fixed period (normally 1 year), after which the owner have the option to renew the registration for a further period. Domain names are supplied by various Internet  organizations on a first come first serve basis. To ensure you get the name you want you must register it before someone else does. Some domains are specific to a country while others are of an international nature. Before a name can be registered it must be active on a DNS server. This is achieved through a service provider, such as web-host.za.net by either parking your domain name or by opening an account for hosting a website. 

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What is Parked/Pointed domains?

If you park or point a domain name you have no e-mail or hosting capability for that domain name. Your domain name is simply loaded on our DNS servers because a DNS reverence to a domain must exist before a domain can be registered. Pointing a domain name to your existing/other website will open the website to which the name is pointed.

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Why register a domain name?

Your Internet domain name is your office on the internet where your customers can always find you - no matter how many times you change your physical address, telephone numbers or ISP. If your customers have or can remember your domain name they can contact you. 

Once registered you are the owner of the domain name for as long as you keep your registration up to date by renewing the registration. 

You use your Internet domain name to:

  • Send and receive email @your-own-domain-name. (This is better than using e-mail @someone-else's-domain as you are then promoting their business name)
  • Point customers to your web site on your stationary, business cards and marketing material.
  • Prevent anyone else from doing business under your name on the internet.
  • Get listed on the internet search engines.

It is good practice to register multiple domain names to cover alternate (or subtly different) spelling of your domain name.

Like your registered company name your domain name is your biggest asset. Consider the time, energy and hard work you invest in building your reputation ...it only make sense to protect it! 

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Having a web site will benefit your business!

Recent scientific surveys found that:

  • More than 30% of South African internet users shop online.
  • 70% of South African internet users say they will shop online in the future.
  • South Africans who purchased online spent an average of above R2000 each.
  • During the holiday period at the end of 2002 - R65 million was spent online.

This shows that the Internet is a viable local sales channel for South African business.

Other advantages:

  • 7/24/365 Office hours
    (customers can view your products and services at leisure at a time that suits them. they can then go in to your shop knowing exactly what they want or they can even order the product online.)
  • Targeted information
    (It is either impractical or very expensive (or both) to provide your potential customers with all the product (or service) information they want when you use traditional media like print, radio or TV.  Fortunately you can use your web site to  identify what your customer is interested in and lead him to a page where you can provide him with exactly the information he needs .)
  • Potential customers do company and product research on the internet.
    (When having to decide between two competing companies with roughly the same product and price chances are the customer will pick the company with a web site where he can do research about the product and the company.)
  • Your customers look for you on the internet
    (Internet users find products through search engines. Most of these people are in search of a solution to a problem.  Make sure your company is on the list - after all, if you're not in the race how can you compete?)

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