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  • South African domains.
  • International domains.
  • Free domain parking for current hosting clients.
  • 1st year free domain parking on registering a new domain name.

How to register a Domain name:

  1. Decide on a name applicable to your business.  (i.e. sportshoes.co.za)

  2. Choose a name connected to or derived from your business name.

    It is good practice to register multiple domain names to cover alternate (or subtly different) spelling of your domain name.
    Type the name you want to register in the space provided below to see if it is available for registration.
    Check this domain: http://www.
  3. Select a hosting plan to suit your need, required for DNS purposes     more on DNS...

  4. Order by completing our domain order form.

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 Cost to register a Domain Name:

South-African Domains:

Domain Type New Registrations Annual Renewal fee
co.za R100-00 R75-00
* za.net R50-00 No Renewal fee
* za.org R50-00 No Renewal fee

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*    za.net & za.org domains  will only be parked/pointed free of charge for customers with current hosting accounts. These domains will however be parked @ R10-00/month or R100-00/anum for clients that do not require a hosting account.

International Domains:

Domain Type Minimum Registration Period Maximum Registration Period Registration fee/period
co.uk 2 years 2 years R250-00
org.uk 2 years 2 years R250-00
me.uk 2 years 2 years R250-00

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net 1 years 10 years R150-00
org 1 years 10 years R150-00
us 1 years 10 years R150-00
info 1 years 10 years R150-00
com 1 years 10 years R150-00
biz 1 years 10 years R150-00

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it 2 years 2 years R600-00
fm 1 years 5 years R1000-00
tv 2 years 10 years R1000-00

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